Logistics and distribution: We live FEMSA’s sustainability strategy
As a logistics company, we are very aware of the environmental impacts of our operations and take steps to support action by:
The climate
The water management
The circular economy
aligned with FEMSA’s Sustainability Strategy.

Our People

The talent, the culture, the well-being, and decent work are the driving force and the development of Our People.

We have a strong focus on fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment, including gender equity.

Women leaders
Women currently represent 20% of all Solistica employees and occupy 31% of management positions.

ZEIF Program
In ZEIF, we have 100% of middle management trained and more than 19 thousand hours of training were offered.

Itinerant classroom
90% of our operators in Mexico and Colombia have been trained with this technology.


Company's future talent are women

thousand hours training in ZEIF program

thousand hours training dedicated to safety


of our operators use the itinerant classroom

thousand hours training in itinerant classroom

Our Community

We contribute to the positive transformation of the communities in which we operate

Nearly 600 people participated, contributing more than 1,200 hours to different causes.

Road safety education
In coordination with local organizations, we launched several regional programs to raise awareness among operators and the community about correct driving of motorcycles and the importance of using safety equipment.

During 2021, we participated in more than 10 different projects in the regions that addressed issues of support for COVID vaccination, forestation and community improvements, support to different associations.


COVID vaccination projects

People participating

Hours to different causes


Our Planet

We have a legacy of business philosophy for the care of the planet and action for Sustainability.

Sustainable Mobility
Through our Sustainable Mobility program, we are reducing our use of fossil fuels by optimizing our transportation routes. During 2021, we maintained fuel efficiency over the previous year in our own fleet vehicles.

Electric bicycles
In support of climate action, during the year we launched a fleet of electric bicycles equipped with special compartments for transporting packages that are a cleaner form of transportation, significantly reducing our GHG emissions.

100% electric vehicles
In Brazil and Colombia, we launched our first 100% electric vehicles, with 250 km of autonomy, zero noise and zero CO2 emissions, promoting the preservation of the environment, reinforcing our commitment to Sustainability with our customers, employees, and society.


100% electric vehicles in Brazil and Colombia

Km of autonomy of electric vehicles in Brazil and Colombia

Tons of CO2 reduced per year in Mexico


Sustainability Awards

We seek the positive transformation of our communities


Clean Transportation

For the 11th consecutive year, we received the Clean Transportation award from the Environment and Natural Resources Department and the Communications and Transportation Department for reducing fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

District Environmental Excellence Program

For the 12th consecutive year, we received the District Environmental Excellence Program award from the District Secretary of the Environment of Bogota. This year, for the first time, in the prestigious Elite category.

1st place Carrier Awards 2021

In Brazil SANOFI 1st place in Carrier Awards 2021 SANOFI as “Best LTL Transportation Provider, ABBOT Abbott for Best Logistics Provider 202

National Security Award

National Security Award for the 18th consecutive year granted by the National Association of Private Transportation [ANTP] in Mexico.

Socially Responsible Company

For the sixteenth consecutive year, Cemefi and AliaRSE have recognized us as a Socially Responsible Company.

Partner of the year

In Colombia: NOVARTIS Partner of the year for performance during 2021.